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Hey folks! This video is a part of my food vlogs. In case you are wondering why does my logo now say “Pun-Chi Man”, then that’s what I’m calling my food vlogs moving forward. Pun-Chi stands for Punjabi Chinese (In case you don’t know it already, I’m Punjabi Chinese 🙂 ).

Patisserie by Franziska is a very popular cafe here in Russell Street Kolkata. They are known for their sweet treats and their coffee specialities. We have been to this place a few times before and have already tried out their pastries and love all their tarts and eclairs. Their Blueberry Tart and Fresh Strawberry Tart are super delicious! They also have some of the best Chocolate desserts in Kolkata. I wanted to share my experience of our time here and tell you why I consider this place to be the best place for desserts in kolkata.

We visited Patisserie by Franziska and tried out their chocolate eclairs and vanilla eclairs and also bought home some of their chocolate pastries. Here is a list of all the things we tried this time around:

Chocolate Eclairs
Vanilla Eclairs
Gluten Free Chocolate Slice
Coffee Noisette Gateau
Belgian Dark Chocolate Tart

Hope you all like it and do let me know if you’d like me to make a series on “Awesome food that you can order in Kolkata”.

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Patisserie by Franziska Menu:

Here are the details of how you can get here:

Patisserie by Franziska Instagram ID:

I have also segregated the video based on the content, should you decide to particularly focus on one section only:

0:00 Introduction
1:46 B-roll
2:46 Variety of Pastries on offer
3:55 Decor
4:30 Does it taste as well as it looks?
7:03 Final thoughts

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Tripod and Mic:​

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