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How to make an Easter Piñata Cake! ❤️ A Four Layer Chocolate Cake with Peach Coloured Vanilla Buttercream and Oodles of Hidden Easter Treats! A Delicious Easter Piñata Cake!!

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I know everything in the world is different right now, but I’m still continuing to bake and post whenever I can, and often my recipes and videos have been filmed in advance. My husband is a key worker so he’s been taking in my bakes for his team to enjoy in this difficult time. I understand accessing ingredients is a struggle for some right now, but my aim is to inspire for the future. If you manage to access ingredients as well, I have plenty of delicious bakes you can enjoy on my blog as well as this cake! Sending my love to you all – stay safe! x

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– 8” PME tins –
– Peach Food colouring –
– Rose gold cake board –
– Iced Jems scraper –
– Piping tip –
– Piping bags –
– Smaller piping bags –
– Sprinkles –

Cake converter if you want to make a smaller sponge –

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  1. Looks amazing! How difficult would it be to do the drips and buttercream coating without a cake turn table?

  2. This honestly looks amazing. I always make your recipes but mine never look like yours 😂 I’ll keep practising 💕

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