Hoe je taartdecoraties kunt airbrushen

Learn how to airbrush cake decorations with ease. Add a pop of color to rose petals, transform SugarSoft®, enhance gum paste flowers and bows, and learn to create a rainbow affect with just three colors. Find products and more at DecoPac.com.

SugarSoft® Decorations: https://www.decopac.com/items_91-400__SugarSoft.html

Gum Paste Flowers: https://www.decopac.com/items_91-383-658__Flowers.html

SugarSoft® Roses: https://www.decopac.com/items_91-400-712__Roses-Flowers.html

Fondant DecoShapes: https://www.decopac.com/items_91-382-467__DecoSheets-DecoShapes.html

Airbrush Colors:

Princess Pink – https://www.decopac.com/detail_11807__15-72-650__Princess-Pink-Premium-Airbrush-Color.html

Canary Yellow – https://www.decopac.com/detail_9617__15-72-650__Canary-Yellow-Premium-Airbrush-Color.html

Hawaiian Blue – https://www.decopac.com/detail_9611__15-72-650__Hawaiian-Blue-Premium-Airbrush-Color.html

3 gedachten over “Hoe je taartdecoraties kunt airbrushen”

  1. Hi, I have a question, I currently work at a Walmart bakery as the cake decorator and we happen to be missing the clamp that goes on the tube of the airbrush to the gun. We called our catalog for the store which I believe is decopac…and they said that they currently do not sell it anymore. Is there any other way or options to help the hose from slipping off the airbrush itself?
    Thanks in advance

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